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Sunway Solar Power Umbrella with Lithium battery

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Sunway Solar Power Umbrella with Lithium battery

This is thin film solar panel clean energy products.Sunway Solar Power Umbrella: Off-grid power generation, continuously power supplement, scene lighting, and terminal charging are becoming the basic need for outdoor umbrellas.
  • product origin:

    Made in China
  • brand:

    Sunway Solar
  • item no.:

  • shipping port:

    Shanghai Port or Ningbo Port
  • color:

    Dark Red Dark Green Light Brown
  • lead time:

    25 Working days after receiving payment
  • payment:

    T/T, Western Union, Credit Card and so on.
  • product details

Product Name: Thin Film Solar Panel Clean Energy Sunway Solar Power Umbrella Umbrella with Lithium battery

Product Highlights

1.Large Capacity Battery

2.Crystal Lens Lamp

3.Industry Development

4.Three-Mode Health Eye Protection

5.Landscape Concept

6.Modular Design

7.Thin Film Clean Power Generation

8.Terminal Charging

Function Description

Sunway Solar Power Umbrella, thin film solar energy umbrella. As an outdoor umbrella, not only has the function of sunshade and waterproof, but also has a layer of high-efficiency flexible thin film solar chip laid on its surface, which enables our umbrella to have power generation function in sunny or cloudy days. 

Technical Parameter


Six-Stranded Umbrella With Central Column



Cloth Diameter


Shaft Diameter



Polyester Cloth


Dark Red , Dark Green , Light Brown


10.5kgWithout Base

Solar Module Type


Component Power



Dc 12v / 2a * 1Dc 3.5 * 1.35mm


Dc 5v / 2aMax 10wUsb Type-a * 2

Battery Capacity


Sunway Solar Power Umbrella product specifications

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!