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Hefei Sunway Solar Energy Tech.Co.,Ltd. Sunway Group is an international, diversified, comprehensive growing group company committed to provide Household Appliances,Foodstuffs, Medical Disposable products and PV Power Generation Systems globally. Sunway Solar as a subsidiary of Sunway Group, was founded in 2002, specializing in ...
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We’re Setting the Standard for Solar Customer Service

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We're Setting the Standard for Solar Customer Service

Demand for monocrystalline silicon wafers continues to improve, and wafer prices continue to rise steadily

This week, the domestic G1 monocrystalline silicon wafer (158.75 mm/170μm) price range is 4.96-4.99 yuan/piece, the average transaction price is 4.99 yuan/piece, the week-on-week increase is 1.01%; M6 monocrystalline silicon wafer (166mm/170μm) The p...

Longi, JA and Jinko once again join forces

Since the M10 silicon wafer was launched, it has been widely recognized by the industry. However, there are differences in the technical routes, design concepts, and installation methods of component products of various manufacturers, which cause cer...

How do solar batteries work?

How do solar batteries work?

September 9,2021.

Not every solar power system has a solar battery attached. In fact, only about 4% of residential solar installations had a battery backup in 2020, though the numbers are climbing quickly. Many solar power systems instead send electricity into a home ...

The effect of chromatic aberration on module life and power generation

1. Why are the component colors inconsistent In fact, the color of solar cells is mainly affected by texturing. The red flakes are mainly caused by the low amount of corroded texturing. If the amount of texturing corrosion is less than 3, the damage ...

What to do if the photovoltaic system does not work on rainy days?

Have you ever encountered a rainy day when the photovoltaic system does not work? First, the inverter alarms and does not work, and then the leakage protection switch also starts to trip. What's even stranger is that when there is a problem when it r...

How to improve the service life of the solar inverter?

Photovoltaic inverters are electronic products, limited by internal electronic components, they must have a certain life span. The life of the inverter is determined by the quality of the product, the installation and use environment, and subsequent ...

Switzerland added 0.5 gigawatt PV in 2020

Switzerland installed a new PV capacity of about 493 MW in 2020. This means that countries in the Alps exceeded the 3GW threshold at the end of the year, provided by the local trade association Swissolar and based on statistics from the Swiss Federal...

What is the future of solar panel made by 182mm solar cell or 210mm solar cell?

Recently, POWERCHINA published a tender notice for the centralized procurement of photovoltaic modules and inverters for the whole year of next year. As said, for photovoltaic modules, the prescribed dimensions have changed. In other words, with 166m...

What is Shingled Solar Panel?

The solar panel manufacturing process that has gained some attention recently is "shingling." The tile module cuts the solar cells into strips and overlaps them in the frame module. The gap between cells is eliminated, and more silicon cells can be p...

Amazon Announces New Investment in 14 Renewable PV Energy Projects

Recently, technology giant Amazon (AMZN.US) announced 14 new renewable energy projects in the United States, Canada, Finland and Spain, becoming the largest purchaser of renewable energy companies in the United States and the world. Amazon stated tha...


If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!