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Hefei Sunway Solar Energy Tech. Co., Ltd. Sunway Group is an international, diversified, comprehensive growing group company committed to provide Foodstuffs, Medical Disposable products and PV power generation systems globally. Sunway Solar as a subsidiary of Sunway Group, specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of solar cel...
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We’re Setting the Standard for Solar Customer Service

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We're Setting the Standard for Solar Customer Service

India Photovoltaic New deal committed to

India's Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, (MNRE), issued a government order giving priority to "made in India" goods a few days ago. In addition to household photovoltaics, grid-connected, off-grid and distributed photovoltaic projects should giv...

Electricity price remains high in Australia photovoltaic market shows blowout trend

The energy transformation policy that former Australian prime minister Turnbull championed this year collapsed before the legislative process. The abandonment of the national energy security plan, (NEG), and uncertainty about federal energy policy ha...

Solar-powered Highway to be laid in Tokyo, Japan in 2019

The new energy technology, known as Solar Road, is now in use in the parking lot of a 7-11 convenience store in Kanagawa, Japan. Tokyo's 2020 Olympic Games will be a good opportunity to promote solar power generation roads, which will be introduced i...

Good Prospects for Photovoltaic Agriculture

What is photovoltaic agriculture? To put it simply, photovoltaic agriculture is a new type of agriculture, which widely applies solar power to modern agriculture, such as planting, breeding, irrigation, pest control, agricultural machinery power supp...

Ningbo's first photovoltaic public toilet unveiled

A few days ago, the first photovoltaic public toilet in Ningbo, Fuming Public toilet, was built and put into operation. The public toilet is located in the west side of the Fuming Public toilet in Yinzhou District, with a construction area of about 1...

Egypt: New Fertile Soil for Solar Energy

In recent years, Investors have been doubted whether Egypt can emulate Jordan's success. And there's a good sign that the solar will have strong growth in Egypt in 2018. From the Nile River to the mountains of southeastern Iran, the Middle East is fe...

Shanghai's first photovoltaic bus station opens real zero emissions

Shanghai's first low carbon green bus station in Pudong South Bus hi tech road parking lot officially put into operation, the parking lot full of new energy buses to achieve solar charging. In March this year, the South Bus company parking lot nearly...

Australia launches the world's first solar-powered train to accommodate 100 people

In December 28th, Australia's Byron Bay Railway launched the world's first solar-powered train, which operates in New South Wales. Although it is a short distance, it is definitely an important breakthrough. It is proved that solar power can be used ...

Morocco to allocate 1.62 billion to promote solar energy applications in agriculture

It is reported that Morocco recently to determine the future funding of 2 billion 300 million Morocco Dirham (about 1 billion 620 million yuan) to promote the application of solar energy in the field of agricultural production. At the same time, the ...

Black Technology: Sunflower Solar Power system

Dubai's municipal government has unveiled a smart solar panel, Smartflower, that tracks the sun automatically, but unlike traditional solar panels. The bright spot of the Smartflower is its petal shape, a truly intelligent sunflower. Smartflower uses...


If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!