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Production Base

Sunway Solar


Sunway’s Nantong production base meets the growing demand for PV module production lines. It covers an area of 120,000 sqm and is equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology to produce high-quality modules to serve our customers better.

Sunway Solar has built a 400MW high-efficiency solar module production line, and all products are certified by TÜV Rheinland, TÜV SUD, UL, SGS, CQC, and CE. 

Solar Panel Production Process

Solar Cell Sorting

1. Appearance: Whether there are lobes, missing corners, broken grid, etc.;
2. Color: Classification of batteries with similar colors.

Solar Cell Welding

Weld the welding strip and the main grid line of the battery piece together;
Weld the front battery of the battery piece to the back electrode of the other battery piece to form a battery string.


1. Tempered Glass
2. EVA (buffer, seismic, heat insulation, moisture-proof)
3. Solar Cell String
4. Backplane (insulation, water resistance, aging resistance)
4 samples are laminated together

Middle Test

Detect whether there are hidden cracks, black chips, dark chips, Broken grid, broken plate, low efficiency plate, over – cutting, positive and negative electrode connection and other problems


Vacuum, heat, melt EVA,
Glue the battery, glass, and back plate together


Package delivery.

About Us - Manufacturing Base

Sunway Solar
Four Production Lines

Sunway’s Nantong production base currently has four production lines, three of which are automated and one is a manual assembly line, including one automatic scribing machine, four string welders, one stacking welder, four laminators, and three EL inspection channels, which are mainly used to produce cells and modules. Sunway is continuously developing and innovating products to meet the needs of more types of PV module production.

Production Lines

Three automated and one manual assembly line

Equipment Ⅰ

One automatic scribing machine,
four string welders

Equipment Ⅱ

One stacking welder, four laminators

Equipment Ⅲ

Three EL inspection channels

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Sunway is a professional provider of solar panels, solar inverters, energy storage batteries, solar off-grid systems, grid-connected systems, and one-stop PV solutions.

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