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Sunway High Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery Main Controller Box

Sunway High Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery Main Controller Box

Battery Type
Lithium Ion
System Type Stackable, Rack-mounted
Model Number SW76R82K-H9
Voltage 76.8V*n
Capacity 120AH
Communication CANBUS/Modbus RTU/TCP/IP
Product Certificate IEC62619/CE/UN38 .3



High energy density: Rack-mounted high-voltage lithium batteries have high energy density, which means they are capable of storing large amounts of energy in a relatively small physical space. This makes it a compact option for energy storage systems, especially in limited space

Customizability: Rack-mounted high-voltage lithium batteries can be customized to meet specific needs. You can select battery capacity, voltage, and other parameters to meet the needs of your specific application.

High-voltage design: High-voltage lithium batteries typically have higher voltages, which means they can operate at higher voltages, reducing transmission losses. This is advantageous for applications that require transporting energy over long distances away from the source of the energy source.

Reliability: Multiple protection measures are adopted to ensure its reliability and safety under different environmental conditions. This includes overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, short-circuit and other protection functions.

Sustainable energy integration: Rack-mounted high-voltage lithium batteries can be integrated with renewable energy systems (solar, wind, etc.) to store and balance unstable energy supplies, thereby achieving more sustainable energy utilization.

Battery System Capacity (kWh) 9.216* n
Battery System Voltage (Vdc) 76.8* n
Battery System Capacity (AH) 120
Battery Module 38.4V240AH
Battery Capacity(kWh) 9.216
Battery Modules Qty. (Optional ) 1~9
Battery System Charge Upper-Voltage 86.4* n
Standard Operation Current( A ) 120
Normal Operation Current( A) 120
Max. Operation Current( A ) 150
Battery System Discharge lower-Voltage 67.2* n
Round-trip efficiency (@0.5C-rate) 95%
Depth of Discharge 90%
Dimension(W* D* H, mm) 551×732.5 ×2270
Communication CANBUS/Modbus RTU/TCP/IP
Weight ( kg) 95kg* n
Operation Life 15+Years
Operation Temperature 10~40℃
Storage Temperature - 20 ~ 60℃
Humidity 5 – 95%(without condensing)
Altitude (m) <4000
Product Certificate IEC62619/CE/UN38 .3

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