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Step into the Future of Innovation at THE GREEN EXPO 2023

Step into the Future of Innovation at THE GREEN EXPO 2023


Our trip to the THE GREEN EXPO 2023 in Mexican has come to a successful end!


THE GREEN EXPO is an exhibition in the fields of environmental protection, clean energy, and renewable energy. It brings together major international brands to showcase their most advanced technologies and innovative solutions.


At this exhibition, Sunway Co., Ltd. demonstrated one-stop solar system solutions and industry-leading products, attracting the attention of a large number of visitors and industry professionals. Our booth became a popular place to network with customers, partners and industry colleagues.

Product display:

We showcase the latest products and solutions, demonstrating our innovation and technical strength.
Industry expert speeches:

experts from Sunway participated in a number of seminars and speeches to share their insights and experiences.

Interacting with customers:

We communicated deeply with existing customers to understand their needs and established new business relationships with potential customers.

Our representative team actively participated in the various events during the exhibition, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to complete success. We also thank all visitors for their presence and support, your feedback and suggestions are very important to us. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future to provide you with excellent products and services.

About us:

Sunway Solar Co.; Ltd. founded in 2017, is a technology trading Internet-plus company focusing on the photovoltaic field. The main products include solar panels, solar inverters, energy storage batteries, photovoltaic power off-grid systems, grid-tied systems, mounting systems, and other photovoltaic series products and one-step energy storage photovoltaic power solutions. Sunway has a strong commitment to sustainability and is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to address the world’s energy challenges.

SUNWAY could provide energy solutions,please feel free to contact us to get it.

📧  Email: sales@sunwaypv.com

📞 Tel/Whatsapp: +86-13866931144

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