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Sunway PV Cable

Sunway PV Cable

Photovoltaic connector, also known as MC connector. In photovoltaic systems, 

connectors account for a small proportion, but they are required in many links,

 such as junction boxes, combiner boxes, and cable connections between 

components and inverters.PV connector is divided into wire end and board end. 

Generally speaking, pv Connector refers to wire metal parts and insulating parts.

Photovoltaic connector, also known as MC connector. In photovoltaic systems, connectors account for a small proportion, but they are required in many links, such as junction boxes, combiner boxes, and cable connections between components and inverters.PV connector is divided into wire end and board end. Generally speaking, pv Connector refers to wire metal parts and insulating parts.

Product name
Photovoltaic connector
Test voltage
Plug resistance
Wiring specification
Inner core material
Copper tinned open type
temperature range
-40 ~ +125℃
Wiring mode
Working current
working voltage

PV Connector is composed of metal parts and insulating parts. The connector is composed of male plug, female plug, inner core (female) and inner core (male). Hard plastic (pc/pa) is used as insulating material, which is easier to assemble and install on site in design.It is widely used in important components of photovoltaic power generation such as modules, combiner boxes and inverters, andundertakes the task of successful connection of power stations.    

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