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Sunway Flat Roof Mounting Structure

Sunway Flat Roof Mounting Structure


Sunway Mounting system include ground and roof 

installtion with a universal adjustable angle column 

The ground mounting system is a universal adjustable angle column installation system. The patented track has good component compatibility and convenient installation, which saves users installation time and costs, and strict quality control to ensure product performance and lifespan, the system can be compatible with most photovoltaic brackets on the market.


1. Easy Installation: The innovative rail and rail nut have greatly simplified the installation of solar panels.The rail nut and unique rail extension method allow greatly reduced installation times.
2. Great Flexibility: With the racking system, framed solar panels can be easily mounted on pitched roof.Suitable for all size solar panel from all the popular manufacturers.
3. High Accuracy: Without the need for cutting rail, the use of our unique rail extending allows the system to be installed with millimeter accuracy.
4. Excellent Adaptability: Engineered to High Standard racking system is safe and strong.
5. Maximum Lifespan: All components are made of quality extruded aluminum and stainless steel.

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