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Sunway 3000w Wind Solar Hybrid solar power generation wind energy system

Sunway 3000w Wind Solar Hybrid solar power generation wind energy system

Wind Energy System:2KW 3KW Wind Turbine Hybrid Solar System ​

Model Number:WT-3000
System Type:3KW Wind Energy System
Solar Power:3KW
Working wind speed:3-25m/s
Rated DC voltage:96V

Wind turbine produce unstable three phase AC, solar panel produce unstable DC, and send to the CPU in the controller, the
controller have rectify functions, it will rectify the unstable AC and DC to stable DC, so the battery can save the electricity.
Through the off grid inverter to transfer the DC to AC, the battery can be send to the household equipments.


Wind Generator Features:
1. Rare earth permanent-magnet generator
2. Small vibration and tiny friction, stable rotation in higher speed
3. Streamlined wind turbine body and blade outline design
4. Blades have 2 kinds, 300w-1kw for high-rigidity FRP materials and blades are dynamic-balanced
5. Noise level below 55dB around the wind turbine tower
6. State of the art, workmanship and beautiful appearance
7. Use magnetic saturation technology, with 20years designed life;
8. Select high quality bearing, free to maintenance;
9. Anti-twist device, generator can whirl in each direction
10. Anti strong wind, the blade protect itself automatically,
11. Applications for Household, Farm, Marine, Boat,Street Lights, Home, Opening Plaza lighting etc.
12. Supply matched controller/inverter(optional), make solar and wind energy system more stable.
13. At night or on rainy day, wind turbine generate wind power. On sunny day, solar panel generate solar power. On windy and sunny days, both solar and wind generate power.


Product Name
3KW Wind Generator for Wind Energy System
Rated power
Starting wind speed
Working wind spped
Rated wind speed
Security wind speed
Rated DC voltage
Rated speed
Rotor diameter
Electromagnetic torque control and electricity brake
3phases permanent magnetism synchronization generator
Blade material
Extra-strong fiber glass
Packing material
Plywood box and foam material
Generator weight(kg)

Wind Energy System Project

                                Residential Use Wind Generator                                               Wind Turbine for Park
                                   Offshore Wind Energy System                                                    Grassland Wind Motor


Wind Energy System Package


If you purchase wind generator from us, wind turbine will be packed with wooden;

If you purchase solar and wind hybrid system from us, wind generator packed with wooden,controller and inverter will be packed with carton, solar panel will be packed with pallet.
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