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Precautions for Solar Panel Cleaning

Precautions for Solar Panel Cleaning

Rooftop photovoltaic power plants are easy to maintain and easy to use, and are increasingly accepted by the people. However, due to long-term exposure to the outdoors, the solar panel is easily covered and covered by dust, bird droppings, and leaves, thereby reducing the power generation efficiency of the panel and further reducing the power generation of the system.

Most people are unaware of the importance of regularly cleaning components to improve the efficiency of system power generation, and some details that need to be paid attention to when cleaning solar panel.

Today, the issues related to the cleaning of solar panel are summarized. The following are the matters needing attention when cleaning solar panel:

1.To avoid the electric shock damage to the human body and possible damage to solar panel, when solar panel is wiped under high temperature and strong light, the staff generally chooses to perform solar panel cleaning work in the morning or late afternoon.

2.Before cleaning solar panel, check whether there is any abnormal output of power in the monitoring record, analyze whether it can be caused by electric leakage, and check whether the connecting wires of the module and related components are damaged or sticking, and they need to be used before cleaning. The test pencil tests the aluminum frame, bracket and tempered glass surface of solar panel. To eliminate the hidden danger of electric leakage and ensure personal safety.

3.The photovoltaic module aluminum frame and photovoltaic bracket have many sharp corners. Therefore, the personnel who clean solar panel should wear work clothes and hats to avoid scratching and injury. Hooks and straps on clothes or tools should be prohibited.

4.Don’t step on the photovoltaic modules, rail brackets, cable bridges and other solar power generation system equipment.

5.Don’t clean the photovoltaic modules under the meteorological conditions of strong wind, heavy rain, thunderstorm or heavy snow. Winter cleaning should avoid washing to prevent the temperature from being too low and freezing to cause dirt accumulation; for the same reason, do not use cold water to wash when the panel is hot.

6.Don’t use hard and sharp tools or corrosive solvents and alkaline organic solvents to wipe the photovoltaic modules, don’t spray the cleaning water to the device junction boxes, cable bridges, junction boxes and other equipment. When cleaning, the impact pressure of the cleaning equipment on solar panel must be controlled within a certain range to avoid cracks that are not caused by stress.

7. When cleaning, it is forbidden to stand and work at a place less than 1 meter away from the edge of the roof. Don’t throw down tools and debris, and pls kindly take them away after the clean work is completed.

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!