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Sunway Solar’s Single Phase Off-Grid Solar Inverter Solutions

Sunway Solar’s Single Phase Off-Grid Solar Inverter Solutions

At Sunway Solar, we offer a wide range of single phase off-grid single phase solar inverters that are reliable and designed for high performance. Our company takes pride in delivering exceptional products that meet the unique needs of our customers. Let’s explore the features and specifications of our single phase off-grid single phase solar inverters, such as the SK-3500S-24 and SK-5500P-48L models.

Sunway Solar’s Range of Single Phase Off-Grid Solar Inverters


Our company brings forward the SK-3500S-24 and SK-5500P-48L models, which are renowned for their reliability and high performance. These single phase inverters are meticulously designed to cater to the specific requirements of off-grid systems. What sets our products apart is their compatibility with both lead acid and LiFePO4 batteries, allowing our customers to choose the energy storage option that best suits their needs.


Moreover, the SK-5500P-48L model offers parallel capability, enabling increased power output when multiple inverters are connected together. This flexibility ensures that our customers can expand their systems seamlessly as their energy demands grow.


Features and Specifications of Sunway Solar’s Single Phase Off-Grid Solar Inverters


Our single phase off-grid single phase solar inverters come equipped with remarkable features that set them apart from the competition. With a nominal voltage that meets the highest standards, these inverters provide stable input and output voltages. The pure sine wave form ensures efficient and seamless power delivery to various appliances and devices.


Additionally, our inverters have a transfer time that guarantees uninterrupted power supply during transitions. We prioritize efficiency, and our single phase inverters boast high peak efficiency ratings. They also come with overload protection mechanisms to safeguard both the inverter and the connected devices.


Another essential feature of our single phase inverters is their admissible power factor range, allowing for both inductive and capacitive loads. This ensures optimal performance and flexibility in different system configurations.


Battery Charging and Environmental Considerations


At Sunway Solar, we understand the significance of efficient battery charging and environmental adaptability. Our single phase inverters support various battery voltages, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of batteries. We employ advanced charge methods, such as CC/CV, to optimize the charging process and extend battery life.


Our inverters also come equipped with solar charging capabilities, utilizing maximum PV array power effectively. The open circuit voltage and solar input current specifications ensure seamless integration with solar panels, allowing for efficient energy conversion.


To facilitate convenient monitoring and control, our inverters provide multiple communication interfaces, including USB, RS485, RS232, and dry-contact options. As for environmental considerations, our inverters operate within specified temperature ranges, guaranteeing reliable performance even in demanding conditions.




Sunway Solar’s single phase off-grid single phase solar inverters are the ideal choice for those seeking reliable, high-performance solutions. Our company takes pride in providing exceptional products that meet the unique needs of our customers. With features such as compatibility with different battery types, parallel capability, high peak efficiency, and effective battery charging mechanisms, our products empower our customers to harness solar energy efficiently. Trust in Sunway Solar’s expertise and commitment to quality as we continue to deliver exceptional products and services to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

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