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Sunway Solar’s Innovative High Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Sunway Solar’s Innovative High Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

We are excited to introduce our latest innovation, the Sunway 48V 52Ah 10kwh High Voltage European Warehouse Racked Lithium Battery. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of our 10kwh lithium battery and how it can enhance your solar power system.


High Voltage for Optimal Performance

Our 10kwh lithium battery is designed with high voltage capabilities, ensuring optimal performance for your solar power system. With the use of HVLL (High Voltage Less Loss) technology, our battery efficiently utilizes stored electricity by reducing normal consumption in power transmission. The higher voltage results in lower current and minimized internal resistance losses, leading to reduced heat generation and improved power output.


From industrial applications to commercial solar projects, Sunway Solar’s 10kwh lithium battery offers unparalleled high voltage capabilities. With a wide range of options, from 2.5kwh to 20kwh, this battery empowers businesses to store and harness energy efficiently. Harnessing the benefits of High Voltage Less Loss (HVLL) technology, these batteries minimize power transmission losses and generate less heat, ensuring a more sustainable energy solution for your business.


Safety and Convenience Combined

Safety and convenience are at the core of our 10kwh lithium battery. With its modular design, you have the flexibility to select the desired capacity and power that aligns with your energy requirements. Additionally, our battery is equipped with advanced safety features to prevent overcharging, short-circuiting, and overheating. You can trust in Sunway Solar to provide a safe and hassle-free energy storage solution.


Compact Energy Storage Powerhouse

You can also look at other lithium batteries, such as our new ones, Sunway 76.8V 120Ah High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery. It is a game-changer for solar energy storage systems. With its high energy density, this rack-mounted battery allows for the storage of large amounts of energy in a compact physical space. Ideal for applications with limited space, it provides a powerful and efficient solution for solar systems.


Experience the convenience of compact energy storage without compromising on performance with Sunway’s innovative high voltage lithium-ion battery technology. Maximize your solar potential with Sunway’s compact energy storage powerhouse.



Sunway Solar’s 10kwh lithium battery and Sunway 76.8V 120Ah High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery and game-changer in the world of solar power systems. With its high voltage capabilities, long cycle life, and superior safety features, our battery offers a reliable and efficient energy storage solution. Whether you are powering your home or embarking on a large-scale commercial project, our 10kwh lithium battery is designed to meet your needs. Make the switch to solar power with Sunway Solar and experience the benefits of sustainable energy for years to come.

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