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Sunway Solar’s High-Energy Racked Lithium Solar Battery Solutions

Sunway Solar’s High-Energy Racked Lithium Solar Battery Solutions

In utility and commercial solar projects, high-energy racked lithium batteries play a crucial role in ensuring reliable and efficient energy storage. At Sunway Solar, our company understands the importance of these batteries for grid-scale energy storage. Our high-energy racked lithium solar battery offers numerous benefits that enhance the reliability and stability of large-scale solar power systems.

Introducing Sunway Solar’s Ground ECO2800 Racked Lithium Solar Battery


Sunway Solar takes pride in introducing our Ground ECO2800 racked lithium solar battery. With its cutting-edge features and specifications, this model is designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our company offers scalable energy storage solutions to accommodate different capacity requirements. The Ground ECO2800 racked lithium solar battery is known for its efficient design, natural cooling system, and easy installation, making it ideal for ground-mounted applications.


Residential Solar & Storage Solution with Sunway Solar’s Ground ECO Lithium Solar Battery


Sunway Solar’s Ground ECO lithium solar battery provides an optimal solution for residential solar and storage needs. Our company offers a comprehensive package that combines hybrid inverters with stacked lithium LifePo4 batteries. This integrated solution ensures maximum performance and efficiency for our customers’ home energy storage systems. Let’s explore the key specifications and certifications of the Ground ECO lithium solar battery:


  1. Capacity and Performance: The Ground ECO lithium solar battery has a capacity of 2.8kWh, allowing homeowners to store ample solar energy for use during peak demand or during nighttime. Its advanced technology ensures high-performance and reliable energy storage.


  1. Compatibility and Integration: Sunway Solar’s Ground ECO lithium solar battery is designed to seamlessly integrate with hybrid inverters from reputable brands in the market. This compatibility ensures efficient energy conversion and seamless operation of the entire solar power system.


  1. Long Lifespan and Durability: With its robust construction and high-quality materials, the Ground ECO lithium solar battery is built to last. Our customers can rely on its long lifespan and durability for their home energy storage needs.


  1. Safety and Certifications: Sunway Solar prioritizes the safety of our customers and their properties. The Ground ECO lithium solar battery undergoes rigorous testing and meets industry standards and certifications, including MSDS, UN38.3, RoHS, IEC62619JUL, and CE.


By choosing Sunway Solar’s reliable high-energy racked lithium solar battery solutions, our customers benefit from enhanced energy storage, increased cost savings, and seamless integration. Our high-energy racked lithium batteries enable efficient and reliable energy storage, ensuring a stable power supply for large-scale projects. The scalability of our energy storage solutions allows customers to optimize their investment by tailoring the capacity to match their specific requirements, resulting in cost savings and improved return on investment. Sunway Solar’s high-energy racked lithium batteries are designed for easy integration into existing solar power systems, and their compatibility with hybrid inverters ensures smooth operation and maximum energy efficiency.




In conclusion, Sunway Solar is dedicated to providing high-energy racked lithium solar battery solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. Our Ground ECO2800 model offers scalable energy storage solutions, efficient design, and seamless integration with hybrid inverters for residential and large-scale projects. By relying on Sunway Solar’s expertise and advanced products, our customers can achieve reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy storage solutions for their homes and businesses.

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