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Sunway Solar Single Phase Solar Inverter – Powering Your Off Grid Solar System

Sunway Solar Single Phase Solar Inverter – Powering Your Off Grid Solar System

When it comes to powering your off-grid solar system, Sunway Solar is the name you can trust. Our company specializes in providing reliable and efficient solar solutions, and our Sunway Solar Single Phase Solar Inverter is designed to meet the unique energy needs of our customers. In this article, we will introduce you to the features and specifications of our single phase solar inverter, highlighting how it can power your off-grid solar system effectively.

Introduction to Sunway Solar Single Phase Solar Inverter


At Sunway Solar, we are proud to offer the SK 5500P-48L model, a powerful single phase solar inverter that delivers an impressive output power of 5.5kw. With an output voltage of 230V, it is capable of meeting the energy demands of various off-grid solar systems. The compact size of 448*295*129mm and a weight of 10KG make it easy to install and integrate into your solar setup.


Key Features and Specifications of Sunway Solar Single Phase Solar Inverter


Our Sunway Solar Single Phase Solar Inverter boasts a capacity of 5500VA/5500W, ensuring that it can handle the energy requirements of your off-grid solar system efficiently. The inverter is equipped with a lead acid or LiFePO4 battery type, providing reliability and durability for long-term usage. With parallel capability, you have the flexibility to expand your solar system by connecting multiple inverters, increasing the overall capacity and ensuring a stable power supply.


When it comes to input voltage range, our single phase solar inverter offers versatility. It can accept a voltage range of 170-280VAC for personal computers and 90-280VAC for home appliances. This wide range ensures compatibility with a variety of devices, allowing you to power your entire off-grid system seamlessly.


Our Sunway Solar Single Phase Solar Inverter provides a reliable and stable output voltage of 220/230VAC±5%. This ensures that your appliances and devices receive a consistent power supply, protecting them from voltage fluctuations and potential damage. The inverter generates a pure sine wave, which is essential for running sensitive electronics and appliances smoothly.


In addition, our single phase solar inverter offers surge power of 11000VA, allowing it to handle sudden power demands effectively. This surge power capability ensures that your off-grid solar system can handle high-power appliances and equipment without any issues.


Solar Charging and AC Charging with Sunway Solar Single Phase Solar Inverter


Our Sunway Solar Single Phase Solar Inverter supports both solar charging and AC charging, providing you with flexibility and convenience. The solar charge type is MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which optimizes the power output from your solar panels, maximizing energy conversion. With a maximum PV array power of 5500W and a maximum PV array open circuit voltage of 500VDC, our inverter can efficiently harness solar energy and charge your batteries.


When it comes to AC charging, our single phase solar inverter offers a maximum AC charge current of 60A, ensuring fast and efficient charging of your batteries when solar energy is not available. This feature provides you with a backup charging option, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for your off-grid solar system.




In conclusion, Sunway Solar Single Phase Solar Inverter is the perfect choice for powering your off-grid solar system. With its impressive features, such as parallel capability, wide input voltage range, surge power, and efficient solar and AC charging, it ensures a reliable and sustainable power supply. Trust Sunway Solar for high-quality solar inverters that meet your energy needs and provide long-lasting performance.

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