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SUNWAY SOLAR Single Phase Off Grid & On-Grid Solar Power Inverter

SUNWAY SOLAR Single Phase Off Grid & On-Grid Solar Power Inverter

As an experienced PV supplier with a state-of-the-art factory and a team of exceptional engineers, Sunway Solar is dedicated to providing top-quality solar panel products to meet your specific needs. From industry-leading solar panels and solar power inverters to complete solar power system kits, we make it simple to switch to solar power in utility and commercial solar project applications.


Off-Grid: Sunway 5500W 220V Single Phase Off Grid Solar Inverter

We are thrilled to present the Sunway 5500w 220V Single Phase Off Grid Solar Inverter, one of our outstanding products in the single phase solar inverter category. This versatile inverter offers you the freedom to generate your own electricity even in off-grid locations or areas with unreliable power grids. Our SK 5500P-48L Single Phase Solar Inverter, equipped with advanced features like a detachable LCD, pure sine wave technology, built-in MPPT solar controller, and Wi-Fi/GPRS remote monitoring, ensures a seamless and efficient energy conversion process. This inverter can even operate without a battery, giving you the flexibility to adapt to different energy storage setups. Additionally, its parallel operation capability allows you to scale up your system with up to 12 units, providing for future expansion.


The size and weight of our single phase solar inverters don’t need you to worry. It is easy to install and integrate into your off-grid solar system. Sunway Solar’s single-phase inverters, such as the SK 5500P-48L model, are built to last, ensuring reliable performance for years to come.


On-Grid: Sunway Single Phase 3kw 3.6kw 4kw 5kw 6kw On-Grid Solar Power Inverter

Another one of our products Sunway Single Phase On-Grid Solar Power Inverter is design for residential PV system applications. With power ratings ranging from 3kw to 6kw, these inverters deliver reliable energy conversion. Built with unibody housings featuring anodized aluminum structures, they ensure durability and corrosion prevention. Equipped with external inductors, our inverters offer efficient heat dissipation, improving reliability and extending their lifespan. Experience optimized solar power performance with the Sunway Single Phase On-Grid Solar Power Inverter, perfect for residential applications.



We hope this introduction has inspired you to explore the world of renewable energy with Sunway Solar’s single phase solar inverters. With our commitment to quality and innovation, we provide solutions that empower you to harness the sun’s energy and reduce your dependence on traditional power sources. Make the switch to renewable energy today and join the solar revolution with Sunway 5500w 220V Single Phase Off Grid Solar Inverter and Sunway Single Phase On-Grid Solar Power Inverter. Experience the benefits of clean and sustainable power generation while reducing your carbon footprint. Trust Sunway Solar, the PV supplier of choice, and take the first step towards a greener future.

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