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Realize Energy Independence with the Sunway Solar 20kw Off-Grid Solar System

Realize Energy Independence with the Sunway Solar 20kw Off-Grid Solar System

Welcome to Sunway Solar, the go-to PV supplier for businesses seeking reliable and top-quality solar solutions. In this article, we will explore the Sunway Solar 20kw solar system and the innovative product High Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery Main Controller Box.


Understanding the Off-Grid Solar System Working Principle

The off-grid solar system operates independently of the main electrical grid. It consists of essential components such as solar panels, connectors, inverters, batteries, and mounting systems. It is designed to provide power in areas where there is no access to or an unreliable supply of grid electricity. Understanding the working principle of an off-grid solar system is essential for those looking to embrace sustainable and independent energy sources.


Advantages of the Sunway Solar 20kw Off-Grid Solar System

  1. Energy Independence

By investing in the Sunway Solar 20kw solar system, businesses can overcome the challenges of unstable or unavailable grid power. This ensures uninterrupted operations and peace of mind, knowing you have a reliable energy source regardless of external factors.


  1. Safe & Reliable Design

Our off-grid solar systems are built with safety and reliability in mind. They support both utility grid and generator voltage input, providing flexibility and backup options in case of emergencies or extended periods without sunlight.


  1. Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Sunway Solar offers customization options with the 20kw solar system. You can choose between 12V or 2V lead-acid batteries, as well as PWM or MPPT controllers, based on your specific requirements. We also provide a choice between poly or mono solar modules, ensuring the system is tailored to your business’s unique energy needs.


Efficiency and Reliability in Energy Transmission

Sunway presents the High Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery Main Controller Box, a game-changer in energy transmission. With its high-voltage design, this controller box enables the operation of high-voltage lithium batteries, significantly reducing transmission losses over long distances. Ideal for applications requiring energy transportation from the source, it ensures efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, our controller box is equipped with multiple protection measures, including overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, short-circuit, and other safety functions. Trust in Sunway to provide reliable and secure energy solutions for diverse environmental conditions.



The Sunway Solar 20kw off-grid solar system and the innovative product High Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery Main Controller Box empower businesses to embrace energy independence. With a commitment to safety, reliability, and flexibility, Sunway Solar provides businesses with the tools they need to transition to clean and sustainable energy sources. Embrace the power of solar with Sunway Solar and pave the way towards environmental stewardship while enjoying the benefits of energy independence.

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