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Manufacturer and Supplier of 100kw Solar System and 120Ah High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery

Manufacturer and Supplier of 100kw Solar System and 120Ah High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery

At Sunway Solar, a trusted PV supplier with a state-of-the-art factory and a team of skilled engineers, we understand the growing demand for renewable energy solutions. With our top-quality solar panel products, including the Sunway 100kw solar system, we aim to provide businesses with an efficient and sustainable way to power their operations. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of the Sunway Solar 100kw solar system.


Understanding the On-Grid Solar System Working Principle

The on-grid solar system functions by connecting to the main electrical grid. It encompasses key components such as Solar Panel, On Grid Solar Power Inverter, Solar Mounting System, MC4 Connector, PV Cable, and other PV Accessories. The solar panels convert sunlight into DC power, which is then converted into AC power by the Grid Tied Solar Inverter. This allows businesses to utilize both self-generated solar power and grid power seamlessly.


Advantages of the Sunway 100kw Solar System

  1. a) Reliable Electricity Access: By installing the Sunway 100kw solar system, businesses can ensure access to electricity at all times, even when the grid experiences disruptions. This ensures uninterrupted operations and reduces dependency on traditional power sources.
  2. b) Integration with the Grid: The on-grid nature of the system allows businesses to take advantage of net metering. Excess solar power generated can be fed back into the grid, enabling businesses to earn credits or receive compensation for their contribution to the grid.
  3. c) Cost Savings: The Sunway 100kw solar system helps businesses reduce their electricity bills significantly over time. By leveraging solar power, businesses can offset their energy consumption from the grid and lower their operating costs.


Compact and Customizable of the 120Ah High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery

Our new product, the 76.8V 120Ah High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery is a cutting-edge solution for solar systems. With its high energy density, this rack-mounted battery packs a punch by storing large amounts of energy in a compact physical space. Ideal for limited-space energy storage systems, it offers a sleek and efficient option. What’s more, our batteries are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the capacity, voltage, and other parameters to meet your specific application needs. Experience the power of customization with Sunway’s innovative battery technology.



As businesses strive to adopt sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint, the Sunway Solar 100kw solar system and lithium ion battery provides an ideal solution. With its reliable performance, seamless integration with the grid, and cost-saving benefits, businesses can make a substantial impact while enjoying the advantages of renewable energy. Embrace the power of solar with Sunway Solar and transition towards a greener future for your business.

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