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High Efficiency 3 Phase PV String On-Grid String Inverter

High Efficiency 3 Phase PV String On-Grid String Inverter

With our innovative design, Three Phase On-Grid Solar Power Inverter, and top-of-the-line features, we are revolutionizing the way industries harness solar energy.


Comprehensive Energy Storage System

Our industrial solar power systems fall under the category of Energy Storage Systems, specifically designed for microgrid applications in industrial settings. These systems combine solar power system components such as inverters and solar panels with an energy storage system, which can be comprised of AGM, GEL, or lithium batteries. This comprehensive approach ensures a stable and uninterrupted power supply, allowing industries to operate seamlessly even during periods of low solar radiation or grid outages. Moreover, our systems can also be easily connected to an external generator for additional backup power.


High Efficiency Solar Modules and Smart Inverters

Our industrial solar power systems are equipped with high-efficiency solar modules, guaranteeing optimal energy generation. These modules undergo rigorous testing, including positive power tolerance, potential induced degradation (PID) resistance, and 100% EL double-inspection to ensure they are defect-free. To further enhance the performance of our systems, we incorporate smart inverters that optimize the conversion of solar energy into usable electricity.

Sunway presents the Three Phase On-Grid Solar Power Inverter, a groundbreaking solution for commercial and power plant PV system applications. With power ratings ranging from 30kw to 60kw, these inverters provide unmatched performance and efficiency. The anodized aluminum housings ensure increased durability and excellent corrosion prevention. The sensor touch buttons activate the user-friendly inverter menu, while communication options include Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or GPRS for seamless connectivity. Stay connected and monitor your system’s status anytime, anywhere using the online portal or app.



With our comprehensive energy storage systems, businesses can enjoy a seamless power supply and reduce their reliance on traditional grid systems. Our wide range of output options ensures that there is a system suitable for every industry’s unique energy requirements. By incorporating high-efficiency solar modules and Three Phase On-Grid Solar Power Inverter, we guarantee maximum energy generation and optimal performance. Experience the power of Sunway Solar’s industrial solar power systems and join the movement towards sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions for industries.

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