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Sunway 10kw 15kw 20kw 30kw Off Grid Solar System

Sunway 10kw 15kw 20kw 30kw Off Grid Solar System

off grid solar system :
Factory price 10kw 15kw 20kw 30kw off grid solar system complete home solar power system

Model Number: SWS15KW-OFF
System Type: off grid solar system
Solar Power: 10kw/15kw/20kw/30kw
Output Voltage: 380V-400V
Certificate: UL/TUV/CE/ISO

What is off grid system?



Off-grid system is suitable for areas without grid-connected or unstable geid-connected power.

Off grid system is usually composed od solar panels. connector, inverter, battery and mounting system.

1. Safe & Reliable
Professional Design
Support utility grid and generator voltage input
2. Flexible
12V/2V lead-acid battery Optional
PWM/MPPT Controller Optional
Poly/Mono solar Module Optional

550W Mono Solar Panel 18Pieces 27 Pieces 36 Pieces 45 Pieces 60Pieces
Combiner Box 2 in 1 out 3in 1 out 4 in 1 out 5in 1 out 6 in 1 out
Off Grid Inverter 10kVA 15kVA 20kVA 25kVA 30kVA
Lithium Battery 48V/51.2V 100ah/200ah  ( Customized Optional )
DC Cable 4mm2/400 Meters 4mm2/400 Meters 4mm2/600 Meters 4mm2/800 Meters 4mm2/800 Meters
25mm2/100 Meters 25mm2/100 Meters 25mm2/200 Meters 25mm2/200 Meters 25mm2/200 Meters
MC4 Connector 10 Pairs 12 Pairs 15Pairs 20 Pairs 25 Pairs
Mounting System Ground or Roof ( Customized Optional )
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