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The Benefits of Lithium Solar Batteries for Home Energy Storage

The Benefits of Lithium Solar Batteries for Home Energy Storage

When it comes to harnessing solar energy for home energy storage, lithium solar battery has emerged as a game-changer. As a leading player in the solar industry, Sunway Solar is committed to providing top-quality solar panel products and innovative solutions for homeowners. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we offer lithium solar batteries that revolutionize the way you store and utilize solar energy.

Understanding Sunway Solar’s Lithium Solar Battery Options


At Sunway Solar, we offer a range of lithium solar battery options designed to meet the unique needs of homeowners. Our two prominent models, the Sunway 12.8V and 460V lithium batteries, are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.


Unlike traditional lead acid batteries, our lithium batteries offer numerous advantages. They are lighter, more compact, and have a longer lifespan. With superior energy density, our lithium batteries provide higher storage capacity, allowing homeowners to store more solar energy for later use. This means you can maximize your solar power system’s efficiency and reduce your reliance on the grid.


Features and Specifications of Sunway Solar Lithium Batteries


Our SWB12180 model is a 12.8V lithium solar battery that boasts a capacity of 2304WH. With dimensions of 520270220mm and a weight of 31.5kg, it is designed to fit seamlessly into your home energy storage system. This model offers an integrated cabinet design, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. Additionally, it supports PV DC networking, which enhances the efficiency of your solar power generation by 5-8%.


For larger-scale energy storage needs, our LFP3048 model is a 460V lithium solar battery with a capacity of 48KWH. With dimensions of 12208601850mm and a weight of 750kg, it is suitable for residential and commercial applications. This model supports a maximum of eight parallel units on the power grid, providing flexibility and scalability for your energy storage system.


Both models are equipped with advanced features such as cabinet-level and pack-level fire protection, ensuring the safety of your home and energy storage system. The cabinets are designed for thermal insulation and have hot and cold air conditioning thermal management, allowing them to operate reliably in a wide temperature range from -20℃ to 50℃.


Our lithium batteries also offer user-defined working modes, including peak cutting and valley filling, self-use, and hybrid grid or off-grid options. This flexibility allows homeowners to optimize their energy usage and reduce their reliance on the grid during peak hours.




Sunway Solar is dedicated to providing homeowners with high-quality lithium solar batteries for efficient home energy storage. Our SWB12180 and LFP3048 models offer exceptional performance, reliability, and safety features. With our lithium solar batteries, you can maximize your solar power system’s efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy the benefits of sustainable and reliable energy. Join our growing list of satisfied customers and make the switch to Sunway Solar’s lithium solar batteries for your home energy storage needs.

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