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The Advantages of Sunway Solar’s 550W Solar Panel for Energy Generation

The Advantages of Sunway Solar’s 550W Solar Panel for Energy Generation

Sunway Solar is proud to offer our customers the cutting-edge 550W solar panel, designed to revolutionize energy generation. With a commitment to delivering superior performance and sustainability, our company has incorporated advanced technologies and high-quality construction into this exceptional product. In this article, we will explore the advantages of Sunway Solar’s 550W solar panel, highlighting its cutting-edge technology, electrical parameters, and high-quality construction.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Enhanced Performance


At Sunway Solar, we prioritize technological innovation to maximize the efficiency and performance of our products. Our 550W solar panel incorporates three key technologies:


  1. Tecnologia de meio corte: Minimizing Energy Loss

  By employing the meio corte technology, our panels are equipped with half-cut cells that minimize energy loss caused by shading or module mismatch. This technology ensures that even under partial shading conditions, our panels maintain optimal energy production.


  1. Tecnologia de barramento múltiplo: Improved Efficiency and Aesthetics

  Our panels feature the latest tecnologia de barramento múltiplo, which enhances module efficiency while improving the overall aesthetics. With multiple busbars, our solar panels have reduced resistance and increased conductivity, resulting in improved electricity output.


  1. Tecnologia PERC: Significantly Enhancing Cell Efficiency

  Sunway Solar understands the importance of cell efficiency in maximizing energy conversion. That’s why our 550W solar panel integrates the state-of-the-art tecnologia PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell). This advanced technology utilizes laser grooving to boost cell efficiency and overall power yield.


Electrical Parameters and Specifications of Sunway Solar 550W Panel


Our customers can trust in the reliability and industry-leading performance of our 550W solar panel. Here are the key electrical parameters and specifications:


– Potência Máxima (Pmax) and Voltage (Vmp/V): The maximum power output and voltage levels ensure optimal performance in various weather conditions, allowing for efficient energy generation.


– Corrente de potência máxima (Imp/A) and Tensão de Circuito Aberto (Voc/V): These parameters represent the maximum current and open-circuit voltage, providing stability and maximizing energy yield.


– Eficiência do Módulo and Tolerância de potência: Sunway Solar’s 550W panel exhibits a high module efficiency, enabling greater energy production. Additionally, the power tolerance ensures minimal performance deviation, guaranteeing consistent results.


High-Quality Construction and Sustainability Commitment


Sunway Solar is dedicated to delivering products that not only perform exceptionally but also prioritize sustainability. Our 550W solar panel boasts the following construction features:


– XINYI Glass and Tier 1 Brand Cells for Higher Efficiency:

  Our panels utilize XINYI Glass known for its durability and enhanced light transmission. Combined with tier 1 brand cells, our customers can expect higher efficiency and greater long-term value.


– Tentop Frame with 120N Tensile Strength:

  Engineered with a Tentop frame, our panels offer exceptional structural strength and rigidity. With a 120N tensile strength, they can withstand extreme weather conditions with ease.


– Waterproof Labels and Full-Glue-Filled IP68 Junction Boxes by TL, QC Solar:

  Our 550W solar panels are designed with secure waterproof labels and IP68 junction boxes filled with full glue, ensuring reliable performance and protection against environmental elements.


– PV Connector and Qualified Cable for Reliable Connections:

  Sunway Solar understands the importance of reliable connections. Our panels come equipped with PV connectors and qualified cables, which guarantee safe and efficient electrical connectivity.




With cutting-edge technology, superior electrical parameters, and high-quality construction, Sunway Solar’s 550W solar panel is a game-changer in energy generation. We are committed to providing our customers with efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions that empower them to harness cleaner energy. Choose Sunway Solar and experience the advantages of our innovative 550W solar panel for yourself.

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