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Sunway Solar’s 20kW Solar System: Harnessing Clean Energy Independently

Sunway Solar’s 20kW Solar System: Harnessing Clean Energy Independently

At Sunway Solar, our company takes pride in offering our customers the advanced 20kW Solar System, providing our clients with a reliable and sustainable solution to meet their energy needs. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of our 20kW system, highlighting the key components that make it stand out. We will explore the high-efficiency solar panels, reliable off-grid inverter, versatile battery options, and the essential PV combiner box. Additionally, we will discuss the various mounting options available for seamless integration into different environments.

Overview of Sunway Solar’s 20kW Solar System


Off-grid solar systems are an excellent choice for those looking to be independent from traditional electrical grids while promoting a greener lifestyle. Our 20kW Solar System is designed to provide exceptional performance and flexibility to meet diverse power requirements.


Introduction to Off-Grid Solar Systems


Off-grid solar systems allow individuals and businesses to generate their electricity independently, reducing reliance on conventional power sources. By harnessing the energy of the sun, these systems provide a clean and sustainable alternative.


Features and Benefits of Sunway Solar’s 20kW Solar System


Our 20kW Solar System offers several notable features and benefits that set it apart from traditional power sources:


  1. High-Efficiency Solar Panels:

   – Our high-efficiency solar panels maximize power generation, allowing you to harvest more energy from the sun.

   – These panels have positive power tolerance, ensuring optimal performance even in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

   – Our stringent quality control measures guarantee defect-free modules, certified by CE, TUV, and ISO.


  1. Reliable and Intelligent Off-Grid Inverter:

   – The pure sine wave off-grid inverter ensures stable and efficient power conversion.

   – Our intelligent inverters can operate in parallel, providing scalability for expanding energy needs.

   – Automatic restart during AC recovery ensures uninterrupted power supply.


  1. AGM and Gel Battery Options:

   – We offer AGM and gel battery options for energy storage, catering to different requirements.

   – These batteries provide larger energy capacity and modular designs for flexibility and scalability.

  1. PV Combiner Box for Effective System Integration:

   – The PV combiner box ensures effective integration of the solar panel arrays into the system.

   – It is IP65-rated, guaranteeing safety, durability, and protection against dust and water ingress.


Mounting Structure and Accessories for Sunway Solar’s 20kW Solar System:


For seamless installation, we offer various mounting options and additional accessories:


  1. Various Mounting Options:

   – We provide versatile mounting options such as ground mounts, residential roof mounts, commercial roof mounts, and vertical wall mounts.

   – These options cater to different environments and customer preferences, ensuring a customized installation.


  1. IP65-Rated PV Combiner Box:

   – Our PV combiner box is rated IP65, ensuring safety and durability in various weather conditions.

   – It effectively protects the electrical connections within the system while simplifying wiring and cable management.


  1. Additional Accessories:

   – To facilitate installation, we provide additional accessories such as AC cables, DC switches, and wire/cable tools.

   – These accessories ensure proper cable management, organization, and optimal system performance.




Sunway Solar’s 20kW Solar System empowers our customers to harness clean and renewable energy independently. With high-efficiency solar panels, reliable off-grid inverters, versatile battery options, and the essential PV combiner box, our system offers unparalleled performance and flexibility. Choose Sunway Solar as your trusted partner to embrace a sustainable future and enjoy the benefits of our advanced 20kW Solar System.

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