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nsuring Safety and Performance: Exploring Sunway Solar’s String Inverter Protection Features

nsuring Safety and Performance: Exploring Sunway Solar’s String Inverter Protection Features

String inverter technology – Sunway 10kw 15kw 20kw 25kw 3 Phase On-Grid String Inverter, which offers a wide range of protection features to ensure the optimal performance and safety of your solar energy system. Our string inverters are specifically designed with multiple protection mechanisms, making them the ideal choice for applications. Let’s explore the various protection features that come integrated with our string inverters.

PV Reverse Polarity Protection

With Sunway Solar’s string inverters, you can rest assured that the system is equipped with reverse polarity protection. This feature prevents any damage that may occur due to the incorrect connection of positive and negative DC input voltages.


PV Insulation Resistance Detection

Detecting insulation resistance is crucial to identify any potential faults in the solar energy system. Our string inverters include this feature, allowing you to promptly detect and resolve any insulation-related issues.


AC Short Circuit Protection

Sunway Solar understands the importance of protecting your system against short circuits. Our string inverters are equipped with AC short circuit protection, ensuring that any potential short circuits are quickly identified and isolated to prevent further damage.


AC Over Current Protection

To safeguard your solar energy system from over current situations, our string inverters are designed with AC over current protection. This feature ensures that the system automatically shuts down or reduces the generated power in case of excessive current flow.


AC Over Voltage Protection

Protecting your system from voltage surges is essential for its long-term performance. Sunway Solar’s string inverters are built with AC over voltage protection, which safeguards your equipment from any potential damage caused by high voltage levels.


Anti-Islanding Protection

Our string inverters include anti-islanding protection, a critical feature that ensures the system automatically disconnects from the grid during a power outage. This protects utility workers from potential harm caused by electricity backfeeding into the grid.


Residual Current Detection

Sunway Solar prioritizes safety, which is why our string inverters are equipped with residual current detection. This feature helps identify and isolate any abnormal current leakage, protecting both your solar energy system and the people around it.



In conclusion, Sunway Solar’s string inverters are fully equipped with multiple protection features, ensuring the safety and optimal performance of your solar energy system. With PV reverse polarity protection, AC short circuit protection, anti-islanding protection, and many other built-in mechanisms, you can trust our string inverters to safeguard your investment and provide reliable energy production for years to come.

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