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Looking for a Compact 60W Folding Solar Panel?

Looking for a Compact 60W Folding Solar Panel?

As renewable energy gains momentum, more and more people are turning to solar power solutions for their energy needs. Sunway Solar, a leading provider of innovative solar products, presents the 60w folding solar panel, a versatile and portable solution designed to cater to various outdoor and emergency power requirements.


Camping with the Convenience of Solar Power

Whether your customers are an avid camper or just enjoy occasional outdoor adventures, the 60w folding solar panel from Sunway Solar is the perfect companion. This lightweight and foldable solar panel can be easily packed and carried, making it an ideal choice for camping trips. With the ability to harness the power of the sun, they can keep their essential devices charged while exploring the great outdoors.


Hiking with Confidence and Sustainable Energy

Hikers can rely on the 60w folding solar panel to provide a sustainable and renewable source of power during their expeditions. Designed to withstand various weather conditions, this solar panel allows hikers to stay connected and powered up even in remote locations. By harnessing sunlight, hikers can charge their smartphones, GPS devices, and other essential electronics without the need for traditional power sources.


RV Adventures Made Brighter with Solar Energy

Owning an RV provides freedom and flexibility for travel enthusiasts. The 60w folding solar panel enhances this experience by offering a portable power source that ensures constant energy supply wherever their adventures take them. By capturing solar energy, RV owners can enjoy the convenience of charging their batteries and running appliances without relying solely on traditional power hookups.


Unleashing the Power of Solar on Boating Trips

Boating enthusiasts often find themselves in situations where a reliable power source is essential. Sunway Solar’s 60w folding solar panel offers a practical solution for boaters by harnessing the sun’s energy to charge batteries and power devices onboard. With its foldable design, this solar panel can be easily stored and deployed as per your boating needs.


Emergency Power When It Matters Most

In emergency situations, access to power can be a matter of life and death. The 60w folding solar panel provides a reliable backup power source during critical times. Portable and easy to set up, it ensures that essential devices remain operational, such as communication tools, medical equipment, and lighting. With Sunway Solar’s folding solar panel, your customers can stay prepared for unforeseen emergencies.



Sunway Solar’s 60w folding solar panel offers an array of applications, making it a must-have solution for various outdoor enthusiasts and those who prioritize emergency preparedness. With its portable and lightweight design, this solar panel caters to the power needs of campers, hikers, RV owners, boaters, and individuals seeking emergency power solutions. Choose Sunway Solar’s 60w folding solar panel today and embrace the limitless potential of solar energy for all your customers’ outdoor adventures and power requirements.

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