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High Voltage Energy Storage Solutions by Sunway Solar

High Voltage Energy Storage Solutions by Sunway Solar

At Sunway Solar, we take pride in presenting our high voltage lithium solar battery, specifically the SW48B-HV-2500 model. With a capacity range of 2.5-20KWH, these batteries are engineered to meet the demanding energy storage needs of large-scale applications. Let’s explore the advantages they offer and highlight the safety features, easy installation process, and modular design that set Sunway Solar’s high voltage lithium batteries apart from the competition.

Customized Solutions for Large-Scale Projects


Our expertise lies in providing tailored high voltage lithium battery systems to address the unique requirements of utility-scale and commercial projects. At Sunway Solar, we understand that these projects have specific energy storage needs. That’s why we work closely with our customers to design customized solutions that ensure optimal performance, scalability, and reliability.


By choosing Sunway Solar, you can trust us to deliver high-quality high voltage lithium solar battery systems that meet industry standards and exceed your expectations. We combine our technical knowledge with our commitment to customer satisfaction to provide energy storage solutions that are efficient, reliable, and durable.


Ensuring Energy Independence with Sunway Solar’s Lithium Battery Packs


Sunway Solar’s lithium solar battery packs, exemplified by our SWB48150 model, are designed specifically for residential applications. With a capacity of 7680WH, these battery packs enable homeowners to achieve energy independence, enhance self-consumption, and have a reliable backup power source.


Our lithium solar battery packs offer numerous benefits for residential energy storage. Their compact design allows for easy installation in various environments, making them suitable even for homes with limited space. Additionally, Sunway Solar’s lithium solar battery packs provide higher power output compared to traditional alternatives, ensuring efficient utilization of solar energy.


With their long lifespan, our lithium solar battery packs offer a sustainable solution for residential energy storage. This durability translates into cost savings for our customers, as they can rely on our products for years to come without the need for frequent replacement.




Sunway Solar is your trusted partner for high voltage energy storage solutions and lithium solar battery packs. Our high voltage lithium batteries, including the SW48B-HV-2500 model, offer superior performance and safety features for large-scale applications. With our expertise in customized solutions, we cater to the unique energy storage needs of utility-scale and commercial projects, ensuring scalability and reliability. For residential applications, Sunway Solar’s lithium solar battery packs, exemplified by the SWB48150 model, guarantee energy independence, self-consumption optimization, and dependable backup power. Their compact design, higher power output, and long lifespan make them an ideal choice for homeowners looking to maximize their solar energy utilization. Choose Sunway Solar for top-quality energy storage solutions that will meet your specific requirements. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and industry-leading products, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your energy storage goals effectively and efficiently.

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