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Why are Full Black Solar Panels Superior to the Traditional Ones?

Why are Full Black Solar Panels Superior to the Traditional Ones?

Renewable energy has been trending, with many people turning to solar solutions to power their homes and businesses. In 2020, there was a 7% growth in electricity generation from renewable sources.[1] When switching to a renewable energy system, you must choose a solar panel option to deliver efficient power to your stations. Full black solar panels have become very popular in recent years with improved efficacy while providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance than traditional solar panels. 


Full Black Solar Panels Vs. Traditional Solar Panels in Terms of Efficiency

Understanding the differences between full black solar panels and more traditional options can help you realize which option is right for your case. 


1. The Significance of Efficiency in Solar Panel Performance

Efficiency is the most important factor when choosing solar panels. It can maximize energy production. Efficient solar panels can generate more electricity under the same amount of sunlight, improve the return on investment and shorten the payback period. Meanwhile, using higher-efficient solar panels means installing fewer solar panels with the same power demand. This saves your space and reduces costs.


2. FullBlack Solar Panels  Traditional Solar Panels in Terms of Efficiency

  • The full black solar panelsuse higher-efficiency monocrystalline cells, providing higher UV absorption and allowing your batteries to charge fully in a shorter period. 
  • They also offer enhanced conversion of UV rays into a storable and usable form of electricity. 
  • Even in low light conditions, full black solar panels provide exceptional performance. 


Full Black Solar Panels From Sunway

Sunway has developed its own range of products that fall within this category to comply with the increased demand for full black solar panels. Similar to other products from Sunway, we pay close attention to both quality and efficacy during the production of these systems. 

To provide a comprehensive solution, Sunway has developed a system that combines the efficacy of a black solar panel with a lithium battery that stores the generated power. Let’s take a closer look at these two solutions. 



1. Sunway 144cells 182mm 405w 425w Monocrystalline Full Black Solar Panel

The Sunway Monocrystalline Full Black Solar Panel provides a fast, efficient solution to converting UV rays into electricity that can power up buildings. Although its size is small, it can convert more electricity. The solution offers a power rating from 405 watts to 425 watts, which helps to ensure the battery connected to it can recharge quickly. The Sunway Monocrystalline Full Black Solar Panes also have optional solutions to fit the average residential rooftop. Moreover, its full-black appearance is the feature that people are searching for. 

The production of solar panels has undergone cell sorting, inspection, and EL testing, using the strictest standards for quality control and inspection to prevent any deviations and errors.


2. Sunway 51.2V 100Ah 5Kwh European Warehouse Wall Mounted Lithium Battery

The installation method of Sunway Wall Mounted Lithium Battery greatly saves space. The Lithium battery has high protection measures, and its built-in Aerosol active fire prevention module can detect thermal runaway to prevent losses caused by a battery fire. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the battery’s lifespan. The Lithium battery’s charging cycle exceeds 6000 times or can be used for over ten years.

Sunway Wall Mounted Lithium Battery uses LFP rechargeable battery A+ Grade cells and supports expansion to 40 kWh. It has good compatibility and can be compatible with the most popular hybrid and off-grid inverters in the market.

Sunway Provides a Reliable Solar Solution

Sunway offers a diverse selection of renewable energy products that can be tailored toward the customer’s needs. In addition to its manufacturing plant in China, Sunway also has overseas warehouses in German and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. These facilities provide Sunway with the ideal storage solution to ensure their all black solar panels and lithium batteries can be distributed to clients in various countries. 

Sunway’s oversea warehouse is fully equipped. Its types are divided into general warehouse and electric warehouse. The large area of 5000 square kilometers and daily packaging quantities of 10000 pcs ensure orders can be attended to quickly, reducing the need to worry about delays. And its broad service scope includes import agents, return and exchange, transfer and payment of foreign currency, etc. 


When it comes to the production of full black solar panels, Sunway has years of experience. We produce top-quality solar solutions that power up residential and commercial properties. With manufacturing plants in China and overseas, we also can meet your demands. Reach out to learn how Sunway can help you find the perfect solar solution. 



[1] Renewables. Available at: https://www.iea.org/reports/global-energy-review-2021/renewables 

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