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Sunway Solar in SolarTech Indonesia

Sunway Solar in SolarTech Indonesia

At the SolarTech Indonesia exhibition held in Jakarta, Indonesia, excellent Solar Power enterprises from all over 

the world gathered together.

Sunway Solar Co., Ltd founded in 2017, is an innovative technology trading company focusing on the renewable energy industry. Its business includes manufacturing photovoltaic modules, solar storage systems, designing and providing one-stop solutions. We work closely with top industry companies and are committed to realizing the mission of the Chinese manufacturing industry to advance towards the world. Our booth is A2H305, and our professional team waiting for your coming.

In this exhibition, our company focuses on showing Sunway lithium batteries. This battery is the latest research and development of Sunway, Long warranty of 10 years of design life an Independent BMS system, 48/51.2V Multiple voltage options to meet more needs, and it also supports wall-mounted racks with multiple styles.

During the exhibition, Sunway Solar also actively carried out business negotiations. Their team communicates deeply with potential customers and partners from around the world. Their professional knowledge and enthusiastic service attitude have won high praise from all the people present.

This participation in SolarTech Indonesia is a significant event for Sunway. It not only provides a platform for the company to present the latest technologies and products but also provides more opportunities for the future development of the company. We look forward to continuing to maintain its professional, standards, maintain rigorous style, to provide better products and services to customers around the world.

SUNWAY could provide energy solutions,please feel free to contact us to get it.

📧  Email: sales@sunwaypv.com

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