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Hybrid Solar System for Off-Grid Living: What You Need to Know

Hybrid Solar System for Off-Grid Living: What You Need to Know

The solar industry is seeing massive growth, especially as people become more aware of factors like global warming and implement efforts to “go green.” Worldwide, there is currently a collective solar energy capacity rated at 850.2 gigawatts, with 4.4% of all energy coming from solar solutions.[1] Switching to a hybrid solar system can help you live off the grid, but the first step is to ensure you understand how these systems work.


What Is A Hybrid Solar System?

Solar energy relies on a panel that is exposed to UV rays. In more traditional solar solutions, the UV rays are used to generate energy for specific purposes, such as to operate an electronic device. Hybrid solar systems introduce a solution that stores energy and provides access to power at the same time. This allows you to have access to a power source even when it’s no longer daytime.

Components of the Hybrid Solar System

There are various components that make up a hybrid solar system, including:


  • Solar panels that receive the UV rays
  • An inverter that is able to convert between AC and DC power
  • A lithium battery that is charged through the solar panels


A number of accessories can also be added to these systems to further expand their functions.

How A Hybrid System Works


A hybrid solar system converts UV rays into a usable form of energy. The energy is then used to recharge a lithium battery, which then allows you to access power later on by turning the inverter on. Some of these systems are able to provide you with power as the UV rays hit the solar panel and charge a lithium battery at the same time.


Advantages of Hybrid Solar Systems for Off-Grid Living

There are many benefits that come with the use of a hybrid solar system, especially in cases where you want to move off the grid and rather rely on alternative energy generation methods.


  • Reliability: You no longer have to worry about power outages that cause a disruption in your daily life, as these systems are always online.
  • Renewable energy source: You get to be part of the green movement.
  • Reduced reliance on traditional energy sources: Having to rely on traditional energy sources can be inconvenient. With a hybrid solar system, you break away from these sources.
  • Cost savings in the long run: While the initial costs associated with a hybrid solar system may seem high, you’ll be using UV rays with the solution, which can provide significant savings over time.


Sunway 8Kw 10Kw 12Kw Hybrid Solar System

Sunway offers a range of hybrid solar system solutions that you can use on or off-grid. There are three different capacity options that you are able to choose from, ranging from an 8kw hybrid solar system to a more powerful 12kw solar system. These systems offer a three-phase output and come with a range of mounting tools for easy installation.

With each set, you get solar panels, a hybrid solar inverter, a battery bank, and the accessories that you will need to effectively install and use each of these systems. A set of tools, packaged in a convenient holder, is also included.



Choosing the right supplier for your hybrid solar system can be tough, which is why Sunway Tech focuses on easing this process. At Sunway Tech, you have the ability to choose from a diverse variety of hybrid solar systems to meet the needs of your building. We work closely with every client to provide specialized solutions for ultimate convenience and satisfaction. Get in touch to learn more about how Sunway Tech can help you move off the grid.

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