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Sunway 15KW 20KW 30KW All In One Solution Off Grid Solar System

Sunway 15KW 20KW 30KW All In One Solution Off Grid Solar System

off grid solar system :
High Efficiency 5KW 8KW 10KW 30KW solar system OEM 

Model Number: SW15000-OFF
System Type: off grid solar system
Solar Power: 3KW/6KW/8KW/15KW/20KW
Output Voltage: 380V-400V
Certificate: UL/TUV/CE/ISO

What is off grid system?

Off-grid system is suitable for areas without grid-connected or unstable geid-connected power.
Off grid system is usually composed od solar panels. connector, inverter, battery and mounting system.

Product Name
15KW Off Grid Solar Energy System Configuration List
Solar Panels
15KW Poly/Mono Solar Panel, Full Cell/Half Cell Optional
DC Combiner Box
1 unit (Switches, Breaker, SPD)
Off grid Inverter
15KW 192V DC Voltage, 220V/230V/240V Single Phase AC Voltage
Solar Charge Controller
1 unit 192V 100A MPPT/PWM Type
Solar Battery
16pcs 12V 200/250Ah GEL/AGM type or 192V Lithium Ion Battery
PV Cable
4 rolls, 4m㎡ or 6 m㎡ Black or Red
PV Connector
20 pairs. PV Connector; 30A/1000Vdc
Installation Brackets
1 set, Roof or Ground. Aluminum/Galvanized steel; Customized as request
Installation Tools
PV Connector spanner, Crimping pliers, wire stripper
Technical Specification, Installation Manual, Quotation List, plz contact with our sales manager.







Solar Panel
> Perc/Bifacial/Double Glass/HJT/All Black/Half Cell/Full Cell Optional
> 5BB/6BB/9BB/10BB/12BB/MBB
> 25 or 30 years warranty optional
> Class A with CE/TUV/ISO certificates









Solar Battery
> 2v/12V/24V/48V Battery Optional
> Lead Acid/Gel Deep Cycle Battery
> Lithium ion LifePO4 or Powerwall Optional
> Fast Installation & Convenient Design
> Large Capacity, High discharge performance









Off Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter

• Pure sine wave output;
• Built-in PWM or MPPT charge controller
• AC charge current 0-45A adjustable
• Wide LCD screen, clearly and precisely shows icon data
• Setting different working modes based on variable usage requirements
•Various communication ports and remote controls(RS232/RS485/APP/SNMP/GSM optional).












DC/AC PV Cable & PV Connector
> Cross Section: 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2 16mm2, 25mm2 Optional
> Rated Voltage:1000VDC
> Colors: Black or Red for Choosing
> Lifetime: more than 30 Years
> High Quality with Certificate









Solar Roof/Ground Bracket
> Non-Penetrating to roof
> Pre-assembled parts for simple, fast installation
> Minimize roof space limitation
> Fixed angle or adjustable are acceptable
> Suitable for all orientations installation
> Optimize high power production







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