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Germany installed 7.19 GW of new solar in 2022

Germany installed 7.19 GW of new solar in 2022


Germany deployed around 350 MW of new PV capacity in December alone. Its cumulative solar capacity reached 66.5 GW last year.

Germany’s Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) has reported that 350.4 MW of new PV capacity was installed in the country in December.

By comparison, newly installed PV capacity hit 421 MW in December 2021, and 675 MW in November 2022. In 2022, new PV additions reached 7.19 GW, which compares to 5.26 GW in 2021, 3.94 GW in 2019, 2.96 GW in 2018, and 1.75 GW in 2017.

The Bundesnetzagentur said that around 872 MW of the new additions were unsubsidized PV installations built outside German government incentive schemes. Another 2.42 GW was deployed under the nation’s tender scheme for utility-scale projects.

Germany’s cumulative solar capacity surpassed 66.5 GW at the end of December.

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