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The world's first high-speed photovoltaic road appears in Jinan

The world's first high-speed photovoltaic road appears in Jinan


Sunshine can generate electricity, electric cars can run on it to charge, also can melt the snow on the road. You see, this is photovoltaic road. A "black technology" for deep integration of the transportation industry and the new energy industry has arrived. End of 2017. Jinan Nancheng Expressway will become the world's first highway to carry the development and laying of photovoltaic pavement.

The photo shows that on the morning of November 30th, the constructors of Jinan South Roundabout Expressway are laying photovoltaic pavement.

It looks like a piece of "glass" spliced together, walking on top of the friction. Photovoltaic roads can not only carry the driving of small electric cars. It can also carry medium truck running. There is no obvious difference between photovoltaic road and ordinary asphalt pavement. Workers introduce that the road has been grid-connected, that is to say. The photovoltaic road is connected to the charging pile.

"Solar power is generated on photovoltaic roads by converting solar energy into electricity," Zhang Hongchao, a professor at Tongji University's School of Communications and Transport Engineering, who provides the core technology, told reporters. The technology used in the pavement is called load-carrying photovoltaic pavement technology. Photovoltaic power generation module which meets the traffic conditions of vehicles is directly laid on the road surface, and the surface layer of the road surface is called "transparent concrete". Its technical specifications and safety factor are higher than the current commonly used asphalt concrete pavement. Photovoltaic power generation module is what? Simply put, just like solar panels, but to meet the road use, enhance the compression, anti-skid performance.

Photovoltaic road is the "mobile portable battery" of electric vehicles. It is understood that the current electric vehicle wireless charging technology has been more mature. 2013. The world's first wireless charging bus lane has been built in South Korea. In May 18th, Qualcomm achieved wireless charging of electric vehicles at speeds of 100 km / h, Zhang said. By connecting with electric vehicle technology, photovoltaic pavement can achieve mobile vehicle charging, the highway network all over the country, will become a flowing "solar portable battery".

The photovoltaic intelligent road can also detect the road icing in real time through the road ice detection system, thus automatically turn on the electric heating system, remove the road ice and snow in time, and ensure the safety of travel.

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!