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Good Prospects for Photovoltaic Agriculture

Good Prospects for Photovoltaic Agriculture


What is photovoltaic agriculture? To put it simply, photovoltaic agriculture is a new type of agriculture, which widely applies solar power to modern agriculture, such as planting, breeding, irrigation, pest control, agricultural machinery power supply and so on.

Solar insecticidal lamp is a common photovoltaic agricultural product. Compared with traditional pesticides, solar insecticidal lamps can replace or reduce the use of pesticides, which can better ensure food safety. Of course, photovoltaic agriculture has been extended to all aspects of agriculture, such as the new solar ecological agriculture shed, solar photovoltaic farms, solar sewage purification system and so on.

Photovoltaic agriculture has become by virtue of solar energy can also become rich, convenient for the new tuyere of agriculture. There are many successful cases of photovoltaic agriculture. For example, Huatian photovoltaic vegetable shed in Shouguang City of Shandong Province only relies on electricity generation, and the annual income is between 150000 yuan and 160000 yuan. How? Solar power can be used for heating and irrigation in greenhouses, not only by selling electricity, but also by creating a new model for agricultural electricity. For example the photovoltaic agricultural ecological industry park in Anlong County Guizhou Province uses photovoltaic roof to control light constant temperature and moisturize the shed which provides favorable conditions for the growth of characteristic medicinal materials. The combination of traditional Chinese medicine planting and photovoltaic has innovated the development mode of medicinal plant industry.

With the continuous innovation and development of photovoltaic application technology, the market scale of photovoltaic agriculture, a new industry, has reached the level of 100 billion yuan. However, photovoltaic agriculture because there is no uniform standards, so there are still many problems. What we can do is to put an end to the "scrape" behavior, recognize the respective standards of photovoltaic and agriculture ahead of time, and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

In addition, in the process of practical construction of photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse, photovoltaic panels should not only have the functions of roof covering material and power generation, but also have even light transmittance to ensure the normal growth of vegetables and other crops in the greenhouse.

In recent years, the country encourages the construction of photovoltaic power plants, but also promotes the continuous penetration of photovoltaic applications into other industries. Because of the commonness and complementation of photovoltaic and agriculture in land use, the industry has been looking for a breakthrough in the combination of the two, which is a good business model.

The development of photovoltaic agriculture involves a number of regulatory departments, including the NDRC, the Energy Bureau, Agriculture and Forestry, and local governments. The landing of a project, we must coordinate the multi-party, unified will. But from the point of view of the actual project landing and implementation, to unify the will of the parties, it is not an easy thing. From this, photovoltaic agriculture really wants to achieve great development, still need a lot of time.

Again, investment is risky. At present, photovoltaic agriculture is the most affected by the policy, here also remind you want to join the "solar energy rich" ranks of friends: to follow the policy, familiar with the standards!!!

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!