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Factors Affecting The Power Generation Efficiency of Photovoltaic System

Factors Affecting The Power Generation Efficiency of Photovoltaic System


The generation efficiency of photovoltaic system will be affected by various factors, the main influence factors are as follow:

1. Solar resources and ambient temperature

Solar resources are mainly divided into factors such as horizontal radiance, scattering, and peak hours of sunlight. The current industry data obtained from these illumination resources mainly come from weather databases, virtual power stations, etc. According to the operating characteristics of the components, their output voltage and current will follow the sun Radiation intensity and temperature change, so environmental factors will affect the working performance of the module, thus affecting the conversion efficiency of the photovoltaic module.

2. Conversion efficiency of solar panel

The performance of the solar panel directly affects the solar energy system power generation efficiency. The parameters that affect the performance of the components are component conversion efficiency, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, maximum operating point current, maximum operating point voltage, current temperature change factor, voltage temperature change factor, voltage illumination change factor, etc. The conversion efficiency of components is closely related to materials and manufacturing processes. At present, many battery technologies have appeared on the market, such as PERC, HIT, IBC, LGBC, etc. These technologies are constantly updated to improve the conversion efficiency of components.

3. Installation inclination and azimuth

The installation angle of the PV array is a crucial factor in the design of the photovoltaic system. For fixed photovoltaic arrays, generally the photovoltaic modules are arranged toward the south, and the installation inclination angle adopts the optimal installation inclination design, and the optimal installation inclination angle is closely related to the regional latitude and longitude, solar altitude angle, and declination angle.

4. Dust, shadow blocking, string mismatch of solar panel

In the actual operation of the solar power system, solar panels are exposed in the environment. Over time, a lot of dust will accumulate on the surface of solar panel, and even partial obstruction by bird excrement, leaves, snow, etc., and block. The parameters of each solar panel cannot be completely consistent. These factors often cause the PV array to be in a mismatched operating state, and the output power of the array will be lower than expected.

5. Attenuation of Solar panel

The attenuation of solar panel power refers to the phenomenon that the output power of the solar panel gradually decreases with the increase of light time. The power attenuation of photovoltaic includes three kinds of sudden power attenuation, photo-induced attenuation and aging. The first type of attenuation is generally caused by destructive factors such as poor soldering of solar panel, improper operation during the installation process, and heavy impact of hail during use; the second type of attenuation refers to the large amplitude of the power of the photovoltaic panel within the first few days. Attenuation, then tends to be stable; the third type of attenuation refers to the extremely slow power attenuation phenomenon that occurs during the long-term use of solar panel.

6. Inverter loss

Inverter loss refers to the capacity loss caused by the inverter during the conversion of DC power to AC power. The loss includes standby loss, semiconductor switching loss, and inductance loss. The semiconductor switching losses mainly come from switching devices and diode losses. The energy loss of the inverter can be calculated by measuring the DC input voltage, current and AC output voltage and current of the inverter.

7. Line loss

All links of the photovoltaic power generation system need to use cables for electrical energy transmission, so there must be impedance loss during the transmission process.

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!